Vinyl Remnants

Buy Vinyl Flooring Remnant Packages at Cheap Prices

Vinyl Flooring Remnant Packages are always available at really cheap prices. We do require that you buy a minimum of 25 pieces for us to fill your Vinyl Flooring remnant order. Remnant Packages can be customized to meet your needs. You may specify minimum and maximum sizes, as well as the type Vinyl Flooring remnants that you want i.e. (Berber, Plush, Shag, Frieze, Commercial, etc.) Once we know your specifications we will put together a package of short rolls meeting your requirements. This is definately the best way to buy Vinyl Flooring if you can use short pieces of Vinyl Flooring in the 12x8 - 12x60 range. These sizes are just a range and can be specified as 12x20 - 12x40, 12x15 - 12x30, 15x15 - 15x30, etc. These packages are great for resellers wanting to make some money on Vinyl Flooring, or rental property managers who have some flexibility with the Vinyl Flooring that they use. Give us a call today to discuss your Vinyl Flooring remnant needs.