Vinyl Flooring Prices

What Vinyl Flooring Price Are You Paying?

When you go out shopping for vinyl flooring at different vinyl flooring stores, you will find a variety of vinyl flooring pricing options on the market. Square Foot vinyl flooring prices, Square Yard vinyl flooring prices, installed vinyl flooring prices including vinyl flooring, pad, and installation, and some times you will find vinyl flooring priced by the lineal foot or yard. Now, how confusing can they make it for you to shop and compare "apples to apples" when you are trying to compare vinyl flooring prices from different vinyl flooring stores? Here is a basic guide to comparing vinyl flooring prices so that you will have a little better idea what price you are actually paying for the vinyl flooring you choose.

When you go out shopping for vinyl flooring, you should have a rough quantity of vinyl flooring that you think you will need. For starters, you can use a square footage figure based on the LENGTH x WIDTH of the rooms you are installing vinyl flooring. Measure each room and multiply LENGTH x WIDTH to calculate the square footage of that room. Add these room measurements together, and add 10% for waste. This will give you a rough Square Foot number to start shopping. Now, if the stores use square yard pricing, simply divide the Square Footage by 9 to get the square yards you will need.

Now that you have a rough idea of the amount of vinyl flooring you will need to buy, you are ready to start shopping. Take a legal pad with you so you can take notes. Write the name of each store where you shop at the top of the page. When discussing your job with a vinyl flooring salesman, make note of the MANUFACTURER, STYLE NAME & NUMBER, COLOR NAME & NUMBER of each vinyl flooring that you REALLY like.

After shopping at a few stores, you will begin to notice a few vinyl floorings that you seem to favor more than the others. With this information, you can quickly get both a wholesale vinyl flooring price and discount vinyl flooring price by calling us with the MANUFACTURER, STYLE NAME & NUMBER, and COLOR NAME & NUMBER. We will quote you our best Wholesale Vinyl Flooring Prices, search for a Discount Vinyl Flooring similar to your likes, and in the end save you up to 50% off your local vinyl flooring store prices. Our Discount Vinyl Flooring Prices are second to none and are a great option that will help you save big on your next vinyl flooring purchase.