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Torlys RigidWood Firm Vista Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring is a great option for home and light traffic business environments. RigidWood Firm Vista is made with an attached antimicrobial underlayment.

Room Scene Specifications

6" x 47 3/4" Planks
12 Mil Wear Layer
4.5 mm Total Thickness

Click Lock Installation
Attached FoamPlus Blue Underlayment

20 Year Residential
5 Year Commercial

RW-FMV150 Foremast
RW-FMV150 Foremast
RW-FMV151 Spinnaker
RW-FMV151 Spinnaker
RW-FMV152 Deck Oak
RW-FMV152 Deck Oak
RW-FMV153 Bluepeter
RW-FMV153 Bluepeter
RW-FMV154 Helm Oak
RW-FMV154 Helm Oak

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Bulldog Bulldog Easy Plank Replacer
A benefit unique to Torlys: single boards are repaired or replaced using the patented Bulldog Tool. No Glue. No Dust. No Mess.
Flood Warranty Flood Warranty
Only Torlys offers a flood warranty! The patented Uniclic joint combined with Microban antimicrobial product protection means RigidWood is protected from water damage caused to your floors by floods.
FloorScore Certified FloorScore Certified
All RigidWood products are FloorScore certified, ensuring a safe product for your home.
FoamPlus Blue FoamPlus Blue Underlay with Microban
PFT (Progression Foam Technology) attached underlayment that provides superior sound reduction and shock absorbtion with anti-crush technology that is guaranteed not to compress for the liftime of the floor. Complete with Microban antimicrobial product protection to resist the growth of mold and mildew under your floor.
Maxx Finish Maxx Finish
An exclusive long lasting finish with nano technology utilizing aluminum oxide that provides superior stain and scratch resistance and has Microban antimicrobial protection built in.
Microban Microban
Microban product protection is built into RigidWood's Maxx Finish for antibacterial protection on the top and into the FoamPlus Blue underlay for antimicrobial protection underneath, preventing odors and stains caused by mold and mildew.
Transition Free Transition Free
RigidWood is a remarkably stable floor with the Uniclic joint that can be installed transition free - meaning no "speed bumps" in doorways of long hallways.
Uniclic Uniclic Joint Integrity
The patented Uniclic joint combined with the rigid core created one of the tightest joints possible. A guaranteed gap resistant joint that prevents any water penetration even with severe temperature swings.
Waterproof Waterproof
RigidWood is 100% waterproof - exclusively backed by Torlys Flood Warranty.

1.Torlys Maxx Finish

2.Heavy Duty Wear Layer - 12 Mil

3.Decorative Print Film

4.Smart Core with patented Uniclic Joint

5.FoamPlus Blue Underlay with Microban antimicrobial product protection *IIC up to 73

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