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Tarkett Vintage Sheet Vinyl Flooring offers many classic vinyl patterns that will look great in any room in your home.

This product has been discontinued.
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Tarkett Vintage Campus - 96131 Black And White
96131 Black & White
Tarkett Vintage Mexican Agate - 96452 Lapis
Mexican Agate
96452 Lapis
Tarkett Vintage Mexican Agate - 96455 Paprika
Mexican Agate
96455 Paprika
Tarkett Vintage Mexican Agate - 96456 Green Blush
Mexican Agate
96456 Green Blush
Tarkett Vintage Mexican Agate - 96458 Beige
Mexican Agate
96458 Beige
Tarkett Vintage Terraglo - 90681 Shaded Ice
90681 Shaded Ice

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