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Tarkett Footnotes Sheet Vinyl Flooring is available in many beautiful wood and stone patterns that will look great in any area of you home.

Room Scene Specifications

Gluedown or Floating Installation

20 Year Warranty

Berkshires Oak - 58072 Gunstock
Berkshires Oak
58072 Gunstock
Colorado Stone - 58021 Grey
Colorado Stone
58021 Grey
Exotic Elm - 58061 Cherry
Exotic Elm
58061 Cherry
Exotic Elm - 58062 Natural
Exotic Elm
58062 Natural
Impresario - 58051 Taupe
58051 Taupe
Impresario - 58053 White
58053 White
  Traditional Oak - 58081 Cinnamon
Traditional Oak
58081 Cinnamon

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