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Metroflor Vinyl Flooring is made from high quality components and regard for easy maintenance and affordability. Metroflor manufactures products with the latest technology available and continue to upgrade their facilities to be the leader in vinyl flooring. Metroflor Vinyl products are manufactured according to the latest international standards and quality assurance based on the ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 9002. From start to finish Metroflor is making sure their flooring is the highest quality every step of the way.

The components in Metroflor products are composed of vinyl backing printed film and thick wear layer fused together under high heat and pressure creating a solid mass that will wear for many years. Computer controlled technology assures the finest products. Metroflor provides a long wearing floor guaranteed to stay dimensionally stable, withstand wear and most household chemicals, maintain color fastness and requires no waxing.

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