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Engineered Bella Sera Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring is a durable and easy to install vinyl flooring collection. Bella Sera is made with an attached IXPE Cushion on every plank. This collection features will look great in all types of home and office environments.

Room Scene Specifications

9" x 72" Planks
26.95 sq.ft./box

5.5 mm Total Thickness
4.5 mm Core
1 mm IXPE Cushion
22 mil Wear Layer

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3107 Tuscany
3107 Tuscany
3108 Palazzio
3108 Palazzio
3109 Marrone
3109 Marrone
3110 Milan
3110 Milan
3111 Verona
3111 Verona
3112 Florence
3112 Florence

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Waterproof Waterproof
No more worries about product being damaged by topical moisture in your home home
  Installs Over Existing Floor Installs Over Existing Floor
Hides subfloor imperfections
Pet Friendly Pet Friendly
Flooring made to enjoy life with your furry companion
  Real Wood Look And Feel Real Wood Look And Feel
Looks like wood and feels like wood, high definition visuals and embossing
Fast Installation Fast Installation
Installation is fast and easy
  High Indention Resistance High Indentation Resistance
In other words, indentations are virtually impossible
Quiet Comfort Underfoot Quiet Comfort Underfoot
So quiet and so comfortable
  High Dimensional Stability High Dimensional Stability
Resistant to temperature change
      Superior Scratch Resistance Superior Scratch Resistance
Oh and it won't scratch either!