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Caldwell Carpet has long been a low cost provider of vinyl flooring across the nation. We sell to the general public, vinyl flooring installers, retail vinyl flooring stores, builders, churches, schools, government agencies, contractors, and anyone else who might need the best vinyl flooring price available. We sell vinyl flooring at prices you will not find anywhere in your local area. We also price match on any running line first quality piece of vinyl flooring that we carry. If you find a good vinyl flooring price, you can call us and get a better vinyl flooring price. We are confident that we can match any vinyl flooring price that you will find anywhere. All we ask is that you provide us with a written estimate from a legitimate vinyl flooring business. In other words, something with a verifiable business name, address, and phone number so we can verify the price as quoted. We'll take care of the rest. Prices from your neighbor who has some scrap left over from a job doesn't count. Neither does vinyl flooring that is bought as a remnant, closeout, or other discounted below manufacturer cost vinyl flooring. We are talking about vinyl flooring prices on vinyl flooring that is special ordered from the manufacturer. Finding the best vinyl flooring price is a great way to save money when buying vinyl flooring. We rarely find a vinyl flooring price lower than our vinyl flooring price because we know we sell vinyl flooring cheaper than anyone! Give us a call for your best vinyl flooring price.

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