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Armstrong Alterna Reserve Shapes And Sizes Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring is made to represent high end stone flooring, thanks to the tile to tile variation. These tiles are beautiful representations of colors and patterns found in quarried stones. This collection is available in a variety of sizes that can be used to create unique patterns. You can create many great looking Armstrong Shapes And Sizes Patterns that will look amazing in all sorts of areas

Room Scene Alterna Reserve
Shapes And Sizes

Multiple Sizes Available

Limestone Enriched Tile
Urethane No-Wax Wear Layer

Full Spread Installation

Lifetime Residential Warranty
5 Year Light Commercial Warranty

8 in x 16 in
21.17 sq.ft./box

12 in x 24 in
24.13 sq.ft./box

16 in x 16 in
24.89 sq.ft./box

Mixed Size Kit
24.78 sq.ft./box
8 Tiles Per Size
8 in x 8 in
8 in x 16 in
16 in x 16 in

Athenian Travertine - Honey Onyx
Athenian Travertine
Honey Onyx
12" X 24" - D7340
16" X 16" - D4340
Athenian Travertine - Provincial Bisque
Athenian Travertine
Provincial Bisque
12" X 24" - D7342
16" X 16" - D4342
Grain Directions - Antiqued Ivory
Grain Directions
Antiqued Ivory
12" X 24" - D7365
16" X 16" - D4365
Mixed Size Kit - D8365
Grain Directions - Heirloom Greige
Grain Directions
Heirloom Greige
8" X 16" - D5375
12" X 24" - D7375
Mixed Size Kit - D8375
Historic District - Blanched Mist
Historic District
Blanched Mist
8" X 16" - D5350
12" X 24" - D7350
Mixed Size Kit - D8350
Historic District - Farmhouse Linen
Historic District
Farmhouse Linen
8" X 16" - D5345
12" X 24" - D7345
Mixed Sized Kit - D4345
  Historic District - Reclaim Bay
Historic District
Reclaim Bay
8" X 16" - D5355
12" X 24" - D7355
Mixed Size Kit - D8355

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