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Tarkett Vinyl Floors

Tarkett Ambiente Sheet Vinyl Flooring is an excellent residential vinyl flooring option that will add character to any room in your home.

This product has been discontinued.
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Room Scene Specifications

.1 in Thick

Aquaguard Mold, Stain, &
Discoloration Protection

Gluedown or Floating Installation

Can Be Reinstalled In Other Areas

10 Year Warranty

Alphabet - 5636012 Grey
5636012 Grey
Chilia - 5636010 Black
5636010 Black
Harlem - 5516174 White
5516174 White
Metallic Tile - 5636020 Metallic
Metallic Tile
5636020 Metallic
Pastilles - 5516068 Grey
5516068 Grey
Random - 5636021 Ring
5636021 Ring
Slim - 5636025 Argent
5636025 Argent
Trend Pine - 5572044 Multicolor
Trend Pine
5572044 Multicolor
Wood Strip - 5516137 Natural
Wood Strip
5516137 Natural

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