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One of the most common ways to save money when you buy vinyl roll flooring is to buy the same vinyl roll flooring you find locally at wholesale vinyl roll prices. We offer Wholesale Vinyl Rolls from most manufacturers at wholesale prices up to 50% off your local vinyl prices. These are the same Vinyl Rolls from the same vinyl flooring manufacturers, with the same warranties. You simply pay a lower wholesale vinyl roll price than you would have paid had you bought your vinyl flooring at the local vinyl flooring store where you first saw it. Yes, you will probably have to do a little more leg work in finding a professional installer, but the savings you get when you buy your vinyl flooring at wholesale vinyl roll prices is well worth a few phone calls. We will be happy to assist you in finding an installer when you are buying wholesale vinyl rolls from us at wholesale vinyl roll prices.

Armstrong Wholesale Vinyl Rolls
Armstrong Vinyl Floors

Armstrong Base Hit
Wholesale Vinyl Rolls

55 Mil Thickness
7 Mil Wear Layer
1 Year Warranty

Armstrong Base Hit - G8021 Cheswick Mesa Gray Armstrong Base Hit - G8022 Alvina Caramel Brown Armstrong Base Hit - G8023 Logan Falls Still Water Armstrong Base Hit - G8024 Peruvian Slate Sunrise
Armstrong Base Hit - G8028 Cheswick Terra Umber Armstrong Base Hit - G8029 Rustic Oak Timber Armstrong Base Hit - G8045 Crown Point Maize Armstrong Base Hit - G8048 Woodcrest Dark Natural
Armstrong Base Hit - G8049 Penrose Point Crisp Linen Armstrong Base Hit - G8050 Beacon Rock Artic Ice Armstrong Base Hit - G8051 Brampton Manor Misty Morn  
Armstrong Vinyl Floors

Armstrong Triple Play
Wholesale Vinyl Rolls

100 Mil Thickness
7 Mil Urethane Wear Layer
5 Year Warranty

Armstrong Triple Play - G3519 Autumn Slate Dawn Armstrong Triple Play - G3520 Autumn Slate Haze Armstrong Triple Play - G3521 Logan Falls Red River
Armstrong Triple Play - G3523 Madison Hudson Light Armstrong Triple Play - G3525 Woodcrest Dark Natural Armstrong Triple Play - G3526 Monte Vista Terra Stone
Armstrong Triple Play - G3528 Messina Blue/Taupe Armstrong Triple Play - G3529 Leather Natural  
Armstrong Vinyl Floors

Armstrong Home Run
Wholesale Vinyl Rolls

150 Mil Thickness
10 Mil Urethane Wear Layer
10 Year Warranty

Armstrong Home Run Sheet Vinyl Flooring - G4840 Bandelier Cashmere Armstrong Home Run - G4841 Chapel Forge New London Burgundy Armstrong Home Run - G4842 Hailey Milk And Honey Armstrong Home Run - G4843 Brampton Manor Maidens Blush
Armstrong Home Run - G4844 Rockhampton Italian Earth Armstrong Home Run - G4850 Rustic Timbers Natural Armstrong Home Run - G4862 Liberty Stone Winter White Armstrong Home Run - G4863 Peruvian Slate Subtle Fields
Armstrong Home Run - G4864 Newport Slate Deep Taupe Armstrong Home Run - G4868 Mineral Travertine Berlin Brown Armstrong Home Run - G4869 Deep Creek Timbers Rustic Hearth