Nafco Vista Tile
Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

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Nafco Vista Tile Flooring

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Nafco Vinyl Floors

Nafco Vista Tile Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring is a high quality vinyl collection that comes in 5 colors.


16 in x 16 in Tiles
15 pcs/box
26.7 sq.ft./box

Tritonite Wear Layer
.080 in Total Thickness

GroutFit Edges
Made in America

15 Year Residential Warranty
5 Year Light Commercial Warranty

SPCS605 Ashe Stone
SPCS605 Ashe Stone
Tactonic Stone - SPGS702 Smoked Pearl
SPGS702 Smoked Pearl
SPGS705 Weathered Ridge
SPGS705 Weathered Ridge
SPKY400 Steel
SPKY400 Steel
SPKY401 Chalk
SPKY401 Chalk

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