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Bliss Vinyl Floors

Bliss Picturesque Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring is inspired by exotic locations like the temples of Cairo and the Moroccan Desert. This plank flooring is an anti microbial flooring option and is UV treated to resist fading from direct sunlight.

Room Scene Specifications

6 in x 49 in Planks
16 pcs/box
33.6 sq.ft./box
.118 in Thick

.022 in Wear Layer

Micro-Bevel Edges

Gluedown Installation

Lifetime Residential Warranty
10 Year Commercial Warranty

Vinyl Flooring Price
$3.39/sq.ft. = $113.91/ctn

- Y002 351 Cairo
Y002 351 Cairo
- Y002 641 Tahiti
Y002 641 Tahiti
- Y002 861 Serengeti
Y002 861 Serengeti
- Y002 881 Morocco
Y002 881 Morocco
- Y002 921 Bali
Y002 921 Bali
- Y002 971 Botswana
Y002 971 Botswana

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