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Bliss Core New Standard Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring is a good option for many types of areas because it is very strong, can be installed over an imperfect subfloor, and is 100% water proof. This plank flooring does not require glue to install and is made to last in homes and offices.


6 in x 48 in Planks
16 pcs/box
31.52 sq.ft./box

1.5 mm Thick Vinyl
4 mm Thick Core
12 mil Wear Layer

Floating or Glue Down Installation

25 Year Residential Warranty
5 Year Light Commercial Warranty
Lifetime Waterproof Warranty
Lifetime Structure Warranty

Waterproof Engineered Floors

Durable PVC Wear Layer (12 Mil)
- Protects Against Excessive Wear
- Provides Superior Cleanability
- Provides Superior Stain Resistance

Luxury Vinyl Top Layer (1.5 mm)
- Durable, Resilient
- Resists Chips & Dents
- Virgin Vinyl

Core Structure (4 mm)
- Extruded, High Density Waterproof Core
- Stable - Will Not Expand Or Contract
- Hides Subfloor Imperfections
- Glueless Installation Profile

Bliss Core Side View
Side View Of Bliss Core

CT101 722 Wildwood
CT101 722 Wildwood
CT101 732 Heritage
CT101 732 Heritage
CT101 733 Surfside
CT101 733 Surfside
CT101 852 Buxton
CT101 852 Buxton
CT101 872 Fiji
CT101 872 Fiji
CT101 883 Spalted
CT101 883 Spalted
CT101 888 Riverbend
CT101 888 Riverbend
CT101 949 Sandbridge
CT101 949 Sandbridge
CT101 955 Hatteras
CT101 955 Hatteras
CT101 967 Promenade
CT101 967 Promenade
CT101 988 Taboro
CT101 988 Taboro
CT101 999 Santa Cruz
CT101 999 Santa Cruz

Compare Core to Laminate Floors: Core One Laminate
Fast and easy install without acclimation Yes No
Installs in large rooms without trasition strips Yes No
Installs with minimal floor prep Yes Yes
Resists water without damage to the flooring Yes No
Hides subfloor imperfections Yes Yes
Installs directly overexisting hard surface floors Yes Yes
Dimensionally Stable - Will not expand or contract Yes No
  • Patent Pending Core - Waterproof Construction - Will not swell when exposed to water
  • Core Has Superior Dimensional Stability - No need for transition strips in large rooms
  • Glueless Installation Profile - Fast & Easy Installation
  • Minimal Floor Prep - Forgiving on imperfect subfloors - Install Over Existing Hard Surface Floors - Will Telegraph Subfloor Imperfections
  • Greenguard Gold Certified - The highest Testing Standard For Indoor Air Quality

100% Waterproof
Core Floors can be installed in wet areas and will never swell when exposed to water and are backed by a lifetime waterproof warranty

This patent-pending construction is extremely stable. No need for expansion stripes in large rooms. No acclimation required prior to installation, so your floor can be installed right away. Core with Cortec Original technolofy can be installed over existing hard surface floors and will not telegraph subfloor imperfections

Core features a 12 mil wear layer for superior durability, Two coats of our UV acrylic finish provides superior stain resistance and cleanability.

Environmentally Conscious
Core Floors are Greenguard Certified for Indoor Air Quality ensuring to keep your home healthy and happy.

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